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What Is Erectile Dysfunction, What Causes It & How to Treat It Effectively

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common ailment that affects men of all ages and ethnicities across the world. Basically, it's a form of sexual dysfunction where a man can't get or maintain an erection. Sometimes this condition is also called impotence (usually in common parlance).

For some men, ED is a long-term problem that plagues them for life. Others suffer acute attacks which impact their immediate sex life without instigating lasting issues.

Understand as well that psychological and physical issues are common explanations for ED. For some men, just being overstressed could make your erection shrivel up and disappear. Others suffer ED linked to different diseases.

Regardless of why you're suffering, you can purchase practical erectile dysfunction remedies online.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? Main Factors

ED can be generated by an array of things. For some men, it's physical, while for others, it's psychological or mental-health based.

For one, medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity are strong risk factors for ED and other sexual function disorders. Men with heart conditions and high blood pressure are also at a high risk of developing impotence, and various rarer medical conditions can also play a role. Many men also suffer ED after prostatectomy or following prostate cancer.

On the psychological front, ED can be caused by something as simple as not being comfortable with your partner. Things like stress and anxiety can also reduce your libido, and relationship problems can cause major issues.

Still other men will suffer erectile dysfunction brought on by medication. Anti-depression medication is notorious for this. And finally, a rare gathering of ED sufferers exhibit no obvious causes.

Covid-19 & ED

The recent Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has seen millions of people infected throughout the world, including in Australia. It's well-known for its effects on an infected person's lungs and respiratory system, but recent studies show that it could be an instigator of ED and sexual dysfunction complications.

Scientists believe that this is because Covid infection is associated with endothelial and testicular damage, which can impact a male's visceral ability to develop a solid erection.

The Main Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

This is pretty self-explanatory, so we won't go too deeply into it. In short, the main symptom of erectile dysfunction is an inability to generate and maintain an erection.

In itself, this is a pretty scary thing. Picture this: You've finally mustered up the courage to ask the girl you like out for dinner. Everything is going smoothly, and you both end up back at her place. The good news - she wants to get frisky. The bad news - you can't get it up!

This is where ED pills come into play. By taking one just half an hour or so before sex, a solid, long-lasting erection is almost guaranteed.

Popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Methods

Most doctors will prescribe ED sufferers a tried and tested medication to take in the build-up to intercourse. The most readily available options are PDE-5 inhibitors which are proven to relax smooth muscle tissue and augment the movement of blood to the penile region. There is a wide selection of ED remedies on the pharmaceutical market.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Their Generics as Popular Remedies

There are countless brand-name and generic ED remedies out there, especially when online options are considered. We sell a variety of high-quality options sourced from reliable manufacturers worldwide.

This sildenafil-based little blue pill is the original ED drug (developed by Pfizer), and it has proven its effectiveness over two decades plus of use.
With tadalafil as the active ingredient, this ED pill is known for its endurance, and it can work for more than 36 hours.
Levitra is a popular branded version of vardenafil, which works very similarly to sildenafil. However, it is more compatible with alcohol.
The magic compound that makes Viagra tick, and it's available generically at a much more affordable price than the well-known alternative. Sildenafil has a wider range of dosages than its branded counterpart.
A generic that's often called the "weekend pill" because of its long-lasting action.
Another generic pill that's affordable and easily accessible through our online pharmacy.
Kamagra Pills
Kamagra is another sildenafil-based pill, and it's manufactured in laboratories and workshops across India.
Kamagra Oral Jelly A jelly form of Kamagra that's fast-acting and easy to take.

How to Take Erectile Dysfunction Medication Safely

  • Always chat with your GP before starting to use ED treatments or natural remedies to ensure they are safe for your circumstances
  • Be careful of interactions with other medicines
  • Be aware of side effects and seek medical attention if you experience an adverse reaction
  • Don't take multiple ED drugs simultaneously or you may overdose
  • Avoid drinking excessively or side effects can be exacerbated (or exclude alcohol at all)

Securely Buying Over the Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills in Australia

It's important to exhibit care when buying anything online, as scams are commonplace. We offer secure purchasing solutions for a wide range of ED medications, and our carefully audited checkout is free from vulnerabilities and proven to be safe.

Some benefits of shopping with us include:

  • Reduced, unbeatable prices
  • Fast, secure freight with dependable couriers
  • Tactful packing to safeguard your privacy
  • An amicable, receptive team of industry experts to help with your order

But above all, we care about you and your medical needs. We don't offer medical rendezvous to confer on your health and well-being, but we impart an approachable way to purchase ED medication online and without a prescription. We're proud to be your local supplier of reliable pills across Australia's wide expanses of desert, forest, ocean, and snowy mountain ranges.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently: Is it a Viable Option?

Most men report the more desirable pathway is taking an ED medication. A few natural blends and special mixes are also available to assist erectile dysfunction victims.

Certain foods and superfoods can boost your libido and make erections more streamlined. Pumpkin seeds, for example, contain beneficial compounds that are thought to help with ED. An olive oil and lemon juice mix is a popular folk remedy, and it likely works (according to scientists from the University of Athens in Greece).

Caffeine is also known to aid ED sufferers. It's a vasodilator, which means it widens and expands your blood vessels, facilitating streamlined blood flow. Yes, this means that a couple of mugs of coffee per day could be good for your sexual performance!

Taking a methodical mineral and vitamin supplement can help even out any nutritional asymmetry within your body, and a mechanical aid such as a penis pump can be enjoyable and effective.

A blood test can show deficiencies in important minerals and vitamins that can be remediated with dietary supplements.

Vaping and Erectile Dysfunction: Are They Related?

Yes, there's a strong relationship between vaping (and smoking cigarettes) and erectile dysfunction. Numerous studies are showing the link connecting nicotine use and difficulties with ED, especially in long-term smokers.

The bad news is that electronic cigarettes (vapes) often deliver even more nicotine than a standard ciggy, amplifying their effects. E-cigarettes can also contain numerous other toxic chemicals which can reduce your overall health and increase your risk of ED.

So vapes may seem like a useful tool for helping you to quit smoking, but they may do more harm than good. They are widely used among young people, and a recent study of 25,000 young men showed a twofold increase in the risk of developing ED among vapers compared to non-vapers.

What Is the Meaning of Erectile Dysfunction in Healthy Men?

Since ED has an array of causes, there are a few reasons why otherwise healthy men can develop sexual dysfunction symptoms. Some of these are detailed in the table below.

Bad Habits Even occasional ciggie smoking or binge drinking (drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in one sitting) that doesn't affect your all-around health can cause ED.
Mental Illness Undiagnosed psychological illnesses, including bipolar, schizophrenia, executive function disorder, PTSD, and even just high levels of stress - such as from work or family issues - can make it difficult to get in the mood.
Medication Medications or supplements that you're taking, such as anti-depressants, can cause ED and low libido.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of men develop ED with no obvious causes. Luckily, this is usually treatable with well-known medications like Viagra or Levitra - browse our store and discover detailed info about the options available and how they work!

Can I Test for Erectile Dysfunction?

If you visit a urologist (a medical specialist) to speak about potential sexual dysfunction or ED, they will look for various discerning and tell-tale signs.

For starters, most specialists will have questions touching on your sexual and lifestyle habits. Do you watch porn regularly? At what age did you begin having sex? Do you identify as straight, bisexual, gay, or something else?

Your answers to simple questions like these can help your doctor understand potential psychological or medical problems that could be contributing to your issues.

Some urologists will also give you a physical exam to ensure your testes, penis, and everything else in the area functions as expected. This could be uncomfortable, but it's something you have to put up with.

Another popular test is the overnight erection test. To perform this, your urologist will attach a small electronic device to your penis before bed. It measures how many erections you get at night, which can indicate potential reasons for your ED.

Popular Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction: Do They Work?

When ED is caused by physical factors, it can often be remediated through specific exercises. For one, simple regular aerobic activity - think running, cycling, swimming, or even walking on the treadmill - is great for preserving good overall health, which can greatly diminish any risk of ED.

A type of activity known as kegel exercises is very useful as they strengthen your bulbocavernosus muscles. They are super straightforward, and you can do them while you're sitting, standing, or even laying down.

Pilates can also help ED sufferers. Simple routines involving pelvic curls (the "bridge), knee fallouts, and supine foot raises can help strengthen your pelvic floor and pelvic muscles, and they should help with your overall joint and muscle health.

Are Erectile Dysfunction & Age Linked?

It's a common misconception that only older men can suffer from erectile dysfunction. Indeed, it is more prevalent in males of age 40 to 50 plus, but youthful males and even teenagers can suffer as well.

But if you catch it early, ED is easily treatable with plant-based remedies, specialized medication, and even homeopathic therapy. Learning about treating this condition and how to fix it at a young age could drastically improve your lifestyle as you mature.

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